There is no match for our 4 corner lifts stability. Originally built to withstand the brutal Lake of the Ozarks marine environment, our 4 corner lift is now the preferred choice for those who want the ultimate in strength, durability and performance. Each lift is expertly welded and hot-dip galvanized to offer the highest level of protection, safety and convenience. Plus, our control unit allows you to raise and lower your lift with the push of a button. 

4 Corner Lift 

  1. Advantages of our 4 Corner Lifts


    1. WELDED AND GALVANIZED frame for added strength and corrosion resistance. 2. HEAVY DUTY DOCK BRACKETS for added strength and durability. 3. GALVANIZED STEEL L-ARMS add to the overall lift strength and durability. 4. MARINE GRADE FASTENERS AND BUSHINGS for quiet, lasting performance. 5. ROTATIONALLY MOLDED LIFT TANKS provide an airtight tank and superior impact resistance. 6. NO STEEL IN THE WATER when lift is in up position to prevent corrosion and reduce maintenance.

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  1. Dock layouts needed for 4 Corner lift


    1. U-Shaped Dock. We need 4 points of fixation for this lift to work properly. If you do not have 4 points of fixation you will either have to have a front mount lift or a vertical free standing lift. 2. We offer this lift in size ranges from 4,000 lbs to 20,000 lbs lifts. Slip width varies depending on size of lift. Please have this info available when contacting us. 3. This lift is available in both shallow water and regular applications. 4. Shallow water lifts are needed in water levels below 5 ft of water. Please know your water depth when contacting us. 5. 120v outlet is needed to operate the blower motor. This is what pumped air into tanks to raise your boat out of the water. Solar options are available for certain types of lifts at an additional cost.

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